9 dresses you should have in your closet


DKstyle is here for you and suggests the 9 dresses – φορέματα – you should have in your closet to make you white-faced in every occasion. If you are missing any of the following, be patient and summer discounts are near, so you can invest in a dress.

Even if a woman has a wardrobe full of clothes, she will always want more! However, due to the crisis, we have limited our shopping. Instead of wasting them on clothes that we will not wear in the end, we prefer to invest in more classic pieces that we will have for a long time.

1) The dress-shirt

Also known as the shirt, the dress-shirt is the favorite of this summer since we can combine it perfectly with our sneakers for more everyday appearances and with our high-heeled sandals for a night out. You will find it in many variations and depending on the accessories and shoes that you will combine will give a different style.

2) Airy long dress

You can wear it from the beach to a coffee walk. It gives a more boho mood to our appearance and we really like it because it is the ideal dress for the rainy and colder days of summer. Combine it with sandals or platforms while for an coat it fits perfectly with a denim jacket. From accessories, choose rings or many bracelets on the hand.

3) Black dress

Of course, the black dress, short or long, can not be missing from our wardrobe. It is an easy solution since you can combine it with everything at any time depending on the style you want to achieve. It is worth having at least one little black dress in our wardrobe, the well-known Little black dress, which is really completely feminine and easy to wear. Even if you wear it only with gold earrings, you will definitely catch the eye.

4) Dress for all day

This dress should be in more classic shades such as black, white or nude, have sleeves and not be too provocative for the office nor too boring for your night out. This way you will be able to wear it from morning to night, making those around you wonder how you are always so stylish. If you are bored of these colors you can give an intensity by choosing heels or high-heeled sandals in metallic tones!

5) Lace or floral

And as the summer mood is more cheerful, so should our clothes. If you do not have a dress with lace or a floral pattern in your closet, this year it is time to invest in one. In general, however, the floral needs attention to the color and the size of the flowers that you will choose, not all of them fit. The lace has the same theme since if it is not very good it can make the dress look inelegant on us. However, if you find the ideal one, it will definitely suit you very well!

6) Extremely feminine dress

Of course we have to have a dress a little more provocative than the others for our evening outings. Whether with a deep slit or with a deep neckline, such a dress should not be missing from any wardrobe. It should make you feel completely feminine but remember that such a dress is exclusively for an outing for a drink with friends and not for a business dinner. Wear it with a red lipstick and everyone will look at you!

7) The autumn dress

You will also tell me that summer did not go well. But it is an opportunity to put money aside because the discounts are closer than you think. The must have autumn dress is in “heavier” fabrics such as cashmere, velvet and leather. Of course, the colors also get darker slowly in winter, while it is an opportunity to buy a dress in burgundy, instead of black, to have it for better occasions.

8) The office dress

Of course, if your profession requires it, you must have enough dresses for your daily appearances in the office. Choose dresses in black or dark blue for winter and in more intense, but classic for summer. Make sure they have calm and elegant lines and not strong patterns to always be chic. Combine them with wonderful heels and impressive bags and you will be the most stylish in the office.

9) Cocktail dress

By this we mean dresses that are not too formal but not too casual. In other words, we can wear it on our groom’s birthday very comfortably or at a christening, but they are not so easily worn at our engagement or at a wedding. Of course, it depends on the pattern, ie whether it is more playful or more serious. They match perfectly with sandals with a medium heel that are very fashionable this year or with heels.

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