Common Electricians Need to Avoid

Qualities of a Good Electrician

Everyone will accept the fact that proper electrical connections are a must in our homes and offices. It would not be an understatement if we say that without electric connections our lives will become very difficult.

We do accept the fact that it is the tendency of humans to make careless mistakes. But there are a few mistakes that you should not do at any cost. In this article, we will discuss the common mistakes that electricians should avoid.

Wiring outside electrical box

The only way that the wires should be connected is through the junction box. So the box safeguards the wire from being exposed. This prevents a lot of accidents and gives a neat look to the building. Whatever might be reason wiring outside the junction box cannot be accepted at any cost. Electricians need to understand the fact that it is a safety issue and they cannot be lethargic about it. Just imagine all it takes is one small electric leakage to create a spark and result in a huge fire accident.

Using a small electrical box

Using a small electrical box is not huge a mistake, but it does fall under the category of a mistake that an electrician should not do. It is a basic knowledge an electrician should have that a situation might arise in the future where they might fit some extra electrical. For this purpose, they need some extra wiring. So when they do the initial wiring, it is better to opt for the bigger electrical box, so that it can be useful in future situations. If not there is no loss in it.

Cutting the wires too short or cutting the exact length

We cannot use the wires just like that. It is mandatory that they need to be cut before making the connections. But while cutting, the wire should not be cut in the exact length or lesser length. If the cut is made like that, then connecting the wires will become very difficult. You might need to extend the length of the wire by connecting another wire to it which not an advisable thing to do. To avoid all these circumstances it is better to cut a bit of extra length of what is required.

Unsecured cables and wires

The wires and cables should not be left unsecured. It can be clamped to the wall to avoid further problems. The clam should be selected based on the electrical box that is used. For example, single plastic box built-in cable clamps are not required. Also, make sure that approved cable clamps must be used.

Common Electricians Need to Avoid

Unsupported switches and outlets

Loosely connected or unsupported switches and outlet pose a highly potential threat, and it also damages the look of the construction. There are good possibilities for short circuit happening which can cause huge accidents. So make sure that all the switches are supported perfectly.

Qualities of a Good Electrician

Common Electricians Need to Avoid

Electricians are professionals, who perform tasks like installing the new wiring, replacing the old wiring and take care of maintenance if there are any issues. When we hire an electrician, the common thing that we do is only look for the license of the electrician. We are not denying the fact that a license is an important thing. But it is not the only thing that needs to be taken into account. There are a lot of things that come into play. In this article, we will see the qualities that you need t look for in a good electrician.


It is not just electrician. Any professional that we hire for their services needs to be dependable. Dependability does not just refer to getting the work done. It is a lot more than that. It includes a lot of other things like making it on time, making sure that everything works properly by giving your best, responding to queries raised by the employer and giving regular updates about the work progress to the employer. Being dependable might sound easy, but it really takes a lot for someone to be considered dependable.


One of the key aspects that an electrician needs to possess is good communication skills. It is because they need to work with different kinds of people on a daily basis. Their job demands some sort of communication at least to know the basic requirements of the employer. If there is no proper communication between the employer and electrician, there are good possibilities that things might go wrong in the procedures carried out by the electrician. Hence it is mandatory for the electrician to have good communication skills.

Qualities of a Good Electrician

Problem-solving skills

Problems are an undeniable part of the electrician’s professional life. The intensity of the problem might vary. But day in and day out they definitely need to come to some problem. If you are involved in a profession in which problematic situations arise regularly, then you should be equipped enough to deal with those problems and find a solution for it. For that, they should have a proper understanding of the work that is being carried out and also have good knowledge about the field. The electrician might be a great person and a good character, but if they are lagging in this, then there is no way that they can improve themselves professionally.

Time management

If everyone had all the time in the world to do their work, then errors committed by humans will be eliminated completely. The person should finish the allotted work within a particular amount of time. The electrician can take an adequate amount of time, and at the same time, they need to get it done without any flaws.

Qualities of a Good Electrician

Attention to details

We all know for a fact that it is important for the electrician to give proper attention to the details. Even the smallest mistakes can result in huge calamities. Being a bit careless or not giving proper attention is something that the electricians cannot afford to do in this profession.