Flush-It Septic Energizer


If you have spent any time searching the internet for a septic tank cleaner or a sewer treatment chances are you have come across the Flush-It brand.  We wanted to review the product, as it seemed as though it was surfacing on a number of websites related to the industry.  If it was gathering that type of attention it certainly warrants a review on this website as well.

Our first indication that something was unusual about this septic treatment was discovered through a simple search of the product on Google ( ydravlikos ).  What we found was that it seems that Flush-It is either available in a number of places or through a number of websites.  Perhaps we are just limited in our internet knowledge but we wanted to make sure we purchased the official “flush-it” and not some knock off brand.  

While none of that speaks directly to the quality of the septic treatment itself.  It does mean that finding and trusting the source of this septic treatment may be difficult for ordinary homeowners like yourself.

While it took us a while to find the right website, and the website that had the lowest prices (strangely the prices seem to vary depending on which website you are on).  The website was fairly straightforward.  There was not alot of additional information available other than other products.  For the price, we were hopeful Flush-It would contain enough bacteria and enzymes to jump start our failing system.

The results we achieved were somewhat limited.  We are not saying that Flush it did not work, it did, but there are probably stronger options out there if you have a more severe septic problem.  By itself, Flush-It could be counted on to treat and maintain a new septic system that is less than 2 years old and has never displayed any signs of trouble.  But if your septic tank or sewer system is already showing some symptoms, this treatment simply is not strong enough by itself to do the job.

Overall, this was not the best septic treatment we have ever seen being sold on the market, but then again it certainly wasn’t worst either. Septic System failure is not something to be messed around with.  The cost of replacing it is far greater than most can even imagine.  Do not trust your home and tens of thousands of dollars to just anyone.  Be sure that the septic treatment you choose is designed for and powerful enough for your specific needs.

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