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All you should know about exterior painting

There is all you should know about exterior painting. Whether it is a house, an apartment building or a newly built building or a business space such as an office complex, shops and hotels, painting a building externally is the movement that takes off the value of real estate.

With the right work and the necessary procedures, it offers a renewal of the image and upgrade of their aesthetics, while increasing their durability over time as it helps to protect them from local weather conditions and air pollution. We suggest Montclair Painting, with its experience has trustworthy workers and is managing for many years carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and renovation services in Montclair.

All you should know about exterior painting

The role of property use

The character of the property to be painted is an important factor that defines the procedures to be followed.For example a stone house or country house in the countryside has a different treatment than one in a coastal area. An apartment building also requires additional equipment for the workshop but also strict work planning in order to create the least possible inconvenience to its residents.

An office or shop complex needs a specialized approach so that its external painting does not become a deterrent to its operation. A hotel, integrated in a special residential aesthetics, requires careful planning of its painting steps but also a studied choice of colors and paints in order to tie harmoniously with the artistic and residential identity of its area.

The role of materials for exterior painting of buildings

Also, the materials that will be selected by the workshop have an important role for the success of these projects. Paints and paints for exterior surfaces are different from those for the interior, as each material, such as wood, aluminum, plastic, plaster, require their own type of paint and the corresponding special tools. Another parameter that should always be taken into account is the microclimate of the area in which the property is located.

For example, if it is in a coastal area or with a lot of green where the humidity levels are high enough, silicone paints with a higher water protection and water repellency index should be selected, in order to achieve the maximum possible protection of the paint from corrosion.

Contact Montclair Painting today to analyze the process required by the area, character, location and structure of your property, as well as our suggestions for achieving the ideal exterior painting, within the budget your budget.

Painting the exterior is not just a maintenance of the building and a sign of cleanliness. It is also a style that represents the building and the people who live or work in it. The first impression is the one that counts and the painting of the outdoor space is what determines it.

Good painting is basically the right preparation

A perfect result can only be achieved on a perfectly smooth surface. In order for the light color to shine later, you must first apply a coat of paint and continue with a thin enough paint, especially the second coat, to obtain a completely smooth, well-sealed and shiny surface.

If you want to paint a door, you must definitely hang it and support it horizontally on strips so that you do not have drips and tears of color. Of course, this can not be done for the frame, so be sure to spread the paint evenly with intersecting touches, preventing the formation of a thicker layer in some places, which could cause runs.

The right color

As infinite as the types of paints may seem, in fact almost all fall into two categories: Acrylics and synthetic resin paints. Rapid drying without fumes and odors is a great advantage of acrylics, which are considered environmentally friendly and completely harmless, so they are considered more suitable for children’s rooms. However, they lag behind a bit in terms of their ease of application, the hardness of the painted surface and the coverage. A satisfactory result usually requires more than two hands.

Synthetic resin paints show better flow and better layering. The painted surface is harder and less sensitive. However, from time to time concerns have been expressed about some solvents that emit fumes for a long time after painting. That is why most industries are making efforts to improve their products and many of the modern paints of synthetic resins are almost odorless and harmless to health.

The process of the exterior painting

The good scenario is that the color of your building has simply frayed or rubbed in some places or even on its entire surface. In this case, the workshop will rub the problem areas – or the entire surface of the building -, apply oil primer on them and then paint with one or two coats of acrylic paint. This is the most common and “inexpensive” form of exterior painting. The work is simple and takes only two to three days, depending on the size of the building.

After cleaning and when the surfaces are completely dry, apply the substrate (primer) that facilitates the application and ensures a uniform surface in the final color. The substrate binds with the paint and seals the final paint.

After priming the wall is ready to accept the color of your choice. The choices of materials also play a very important role. We suggest choosing good quality paints that ensure good adhesion and penetration, high elasticity and resistance to alkaline surfaces, achieving very good bonding with the substrate. For exterior walls we suggest choosing the silicone acrylic paint that protects from moisture. However there are many other options depending on your needs.

During the process of painting the exterior of a building, Montclair Painting undertakes all the work that includes changing or adding color to all exterior surfaces. Of course, each surface, depending on its nature and location requires the right approach, with materials, colors and applications that will ensure the ideal result of aesthetics, finish and durability. A result guaranteed by Montclair Roofing in all its projects.

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Fun activities for families in Santorini

Fun activities for families in Santorini

Have you planned your family vacation for Santorini -Santorini car rental-or are you planning to visit the island soon? If yes then we can suggest some great and fun activities for families in Santorini! We know that when traveling with children things can get difficult and tiring but our proposals are worth the try!

Rent a car in Santorini

When you are planning your vacation in Santorini island you will need a means of transport. of course you can move around with the public buses but given the current situation it would be better to have your own vehicle. This is why we suggest that you rent a car directly in the airport. In Santorini airport car rental, the car will be waiting for you the minute your flight is landed.

Move around the island at ease and enjoy the fun activities for families in Santorini!

Boat ride around the island

One of the most fun activities is the boat ride around the island. It will offer you an amazing experience as you will see the island from a distance. Another amazing route you can take is the one with the volcano tour where you can see the volcano of Santorini and swim in the hot springs!

Folklore Museum of Emmanouil Lignos

It is located in Kontochori which is almost 1km away from the center of Fira. A fun and educational activity for you and your family is to discover the history of Santorini. The house, which houses, remained almost untouched by the earthquake of 1956, was restored in 1973 and then began to be placed antique furniture, family heirlooms, and various other useful items.

In 1993 a museum was built to house the gallery and workshops, as well as the church of Agios Konstantinos, in memory of the owner of the property Emm. Konstantis Lignos. There is also a library with books that mainly concern the recent history of the society of Santorini as well as an old traditional winery, while one can find a representation of other professions that flourished on the island such as that of carpenter, barrel maker, shoemaker and cannery.

Outside there is the church of Agios Konstantinos with the bell tower and the festival house. The courtyard of the museum with trees, flowers and cats is suitable for the visitor to travel back in time, to a Santorini still unaffected by tourism. There is also a gallery with works by famous painters, inspired by Santorini.

Exhibits of folklore museum

While you are at the folklore museum you can see the following:

– Traditional winery, wine cellar with tanks, barrels and press.
– Representation of a traditional household with household utensils and antique furniture.
– Traditional workshops: carpenters, coopers, shoemakers and canners.
– Cave that presents elements of volcanic eruption from excavation of soil layers.
– Gallery with works by famous artists inspired by Santorini.
– Historical archives: lithographs, manuscripts and books about Santorini.
– Images from life on the island in previous years

Working hours of Folklore Museum of Lignos in Kontochori, Fira Santorini:
Daily 10:00 – 14:00
Tel: +30 22860 22792

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Museum of Minerals & Fossils

Another very interesting and unique attraction for both adults and children is the museum of minerals and fossils! The uniqueness of the soil of Santorini led the Cultural Association of Thira to create in 2006 a museum with the Collection of Minerals and Fossils in Perissa. The building is located near the church of the Holy Cross. There are minerals and fossils from Thira and the rest of Greece and abroad.

Exhibits of Mineral and Fossil Museum

Among the exhibits is an invaluable rich collection of minerals from Lavrio. Very important findings are those of olive and palm trees that come from the caldera of Santorini and date back to 50,000-60,000 years ago.

Undoubtedly, there is very rare old flora, endemic to the Mediterranean, which gives us information about the evolution of plants in the past, not only in the Aegean but throughout Europe. It is noteworthy that the oldest exhibit of the museum dates back to 1.5 billion years ago while the most recent to 50,000 years ago.

Fossils provide information about the evolution of life on the planet, and even about the evolution of the human species, which may have been lost millions of years ago but are of immense interest to mankind. All this can be seen by the visitor to the Museum of Minerals and Fossils of the Cultural Association of Thira which every year becomes a pole of attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Overview for fun family activities in Santorini

All in all, there are plenty of activities to do with your family while you are on vacation in Santorini. With these we mentioned above, we hope that you will have a great time, teach and bond with your kids!

Do not forget that renting a car will make your vacation easy and comfortable. No more waiting at the bus stop or missing the bus to the beach or your booked tour! Visit santorinieasyrent.com and find the package that suits you best! Enjoy your vacation in Santorini!

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5 Home Improvement Projects for the First-Time Home Buyer

5 guidelines for to start with time property potential buyers from Residence Physicians.

Acquiring a home is a massive offer, it is a single of the greatest purchases and moments in a person’s lifestyle. It’s an exciting time you at last have the flexibility to make a space your possess! Just after you get those keys in your hand, you will almost certainly be keen to make the area truly feel like residence. You may well experience like painting the walls or modifying the floors, or probably you are not certain what to do. What ever the circumstance may be right here are five residence advancement recommendations and ideas that can transform an everyday household into a home.

Paint the partitions

A fresh new coat of paint can make a big difference to the really feel of a area! When you are seeking for the best household, the current paint colors could deter you from buying the house. Nonetheless, one particular of the great things about acquiring a dwelling is you have the flexibility to make the changes you want and a refreshing coat of paint can do miracles! This is a venture we see new owners inquiring for a ton, portray can actually support restore a room that has suffered from years of put on and tear. The good news is, the experienced workforce at Household Physicians has decades of encounter essential to do an excellent position each individual and every time.

Update the floors

It’s pretty common for new home owners to want to transform the flooring when getting a new household. Up-to-date flooring can quickly rework the glimpse and experience of your new home. The expense of possessing new flooring place in relies upon on the good quality but also the layout factors far too. If you need to have a total installation of new flooring for your home, simply call us. Residence Medical professionals has the means to be certain that your floors will be put in appropriately, appear fantastic, and continue to be trustworthy for a long time to arrive with minimum routine maintenance from you.

Modify the landscape

Buying your possess property most probably indicates that you will have a new garden to just take treatment of. This is your probability to experiment with distinct models to make a decision what you like and of program what you do not like. Whether or not it’s adding flowers or planting new trees it’s vital to imagine about how these improvements will have an effect on the value of your home.  If you are preparing a huge landscaping undertaking and obtain on your own needing enable, give us a phone.

Updating the toilet

Renovating a toilet can be a complicated process when you invest in a new property. Most people today think about renovating a bathroom and see greenback indications. The fact is a lavatory remodel does not have to be pricey and can typically be done above a weekend. Small updates to a rest room these as replacing a shower head or modifying the vanity can make a big distinction. A entire toilet can be far more high priced depending on your price range and plans. The beauty here is that it is your residence and you can go as big or as minor as you want.

Improve the lights

1 of the most overlooked factors individuals do not take into consideration when getting a new home is the lights. A lot like the paint color in your house, the lights in your home can make or crack the space. Take into account replacing previous light-weight bulbs with new kinds to open up the space. Lighting plays an vital part in the household it are unable to only assist you see much better but it can also set the temper of a place. In some cases we wish we could handle the lights in our rooms without having at any time getting off the sofa. Now, with the progress in intelligent technological innovation you can. There are now lights you can set up that can be manage with the seem of your voice and by way of your wise cell phone.

Did you lately purchase a household and require aid turning it into the residence of your dreams? We can help with that! 888-HOUSEDOC

Hunting for home improvement inspiration? Read a list of our Prime 50 Typical Property Assignments listed here! For great layout ideas and other tips, pay a visit to our Handyman Blog or the Dwelling Doctors Pinterest web page!

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