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Here are the electrical services that we provide to our customers with the experienced professionals.


We have a separate experienced team that is rendering a great service in domestic electrical works.


Commercial electrical work is a very different ball game. We provide service through professionals who are experts in the field.


Electrical emergencies are something that needs to be attended at the earliest. Reach out to us, and we will make sure that everything is taken care properly.


Periodic inspection must be carried out to avoid huge issues in the future.


We make sure that our work is subjected to proper tests by a special team before handing over to our clients.


We all carry out the installation process for all the household equipment.


Planning A Perfect Vacation | House Doctors Home Improvement

It’s that time of year again when the kids are out of school and the beach is calling your name. But don’t let that excitement distract you from making your vacation both memorable and affordable. Traveling offers a great opportunity for the whole family to bond and relax on vacation. When you are traveling with kids you should be prepared for all unexpected issues that may arise during your vacation.

Plan Ahead

We recommend spending some time doing your research on everything you would need before you make the final arrangements for your dream vacation. Look for the best rates for flights early to give you options and find the cheapest rate for the best quality.

Choosing The Perfect Spot

Imagine getting to the beach and taking in the gorgeous views only to find out that the hotel you’ll be staying in the next week is a total let down. The last thing you need after a long travel is to have to find another hotel last minute. Spend the time looking at all of your options and reading reviews before booking your stay to get the best value for your money. Reviews are a great way to see what real customers experienced so you know you are getting what you expect before booking.

The Main Attractions

Research, research, research. We cannot stress this enough. One thing you should always keep in mind is your budget and understanding that it may not be possible to cover everything you wanted to do. We recommend booking tickets for things you want to do in advance so you can skip the line and spend your whole vacation having fun.

Taking a vacation can be a really great way for your family to relax and spend time together while offering a much needed break from reality. Vacations when planned out can be a special chance for the whole family to bond together and see a different part of the world.

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Celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day

Moms devote their lives to making our lives betters, they do so much for their families on a daily basis. It’s easy to take  all the things mom does for granted, but Mother’s Day is a perfect reminder to show Mom how much you appreciate all she does.  Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, especially on a budget. Check out our list of  awesome ideas  to make mom feel special without breaking the bank this Mother’s Day.

Let mom sleep in! Mom’s are usually the first person awake and the last one to bed. Let mom sleep in and get the rest she deserves!

Give mom a spa day at home. You can set the scene by running her a warm bath and laying out a fluffy robe with candles and her favorite book! The most important thing to remember here is to let mom relax, no interruptions!

Make homemade chores coupons that are filled with various chores mom can redeem when she simply needs a break and time to relax.

Do something together! Go for a hike, bike on a trail or go on a boat ride to spend time together. New adventures can be a fun way to be active and spend time together.

Give mom the night off. Encourage mom to get together with friends for a night out and away from her regular responsibilities.

Have a family game night. Sometimes all moms really want is to just spend time with their family without all of the technology distractions. Put all of the technology away and have fun!

 Give mom the gift of home improvement. Remodel an outdoor room, plant flowers, organize her garage, and spruce up her curb appeal. Need help? Call House doctors!  888-HOUS-DOC Making mom’s life easier is sure to bring a smile to her face and make her happy!

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The Ultimate Guide To Decorating Your Entire Home

Whether you have just moved in or you are looking for a way to spruce up your current design, there are some well known interior design tips and tricks that most designers use daily. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Your home is where you live, your happy place, your serenity, so first and foremost it should be filled with designs and décor that speak to you. You should always keep in mind what makes sense to you and try to not to worry about anything else, the goal is for you to feel happy and relaxed in your home.

Mix It Up!

The most important aspect to interior decorating is that your home reflects who you are. Don’t be afraid to put your sentimental pictures next to your new couch. Your home is a reflection of your personality and your style. You can also mix it up when it comes to art, fabric, pillows and various colors!

Keep it Neutral

If you want your home to make a great impression on your guest, paint the door a fun and vibrant color but keep the interior walls light and natural. Sticking with colors like beige and grey with give you the most flexibility when it comes to decorating. Neutral walls allow you to switch up your accessories just like your outfit! If you have two small rooms next to one another, paint them the same color as it helps them appear larger.

Give Outdated Fixtures New Life

Are your fixtures dated? You can reinvent your space by giving them a fresh coat of paint or replacing them if you want to go for a different look. Even your old kitchen cabinets can be transformed with a fresh coat of paint and changing the handles and knobs.

Fill Spaces with Plants

It sounds so simple but its true! Adding a few living plants to a room can make it feel more finished and homey. We recommend using low maintenance plants like succulents if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs. If you can successfully keep your succulent alive try something a little larger!

Use a Tray on Your Coffee Table

Trays are a great way to contain the clutter and keep your coffee table looking polished and organized. Placing everything on the tray allows you to easily pick everything up when you want to clean the table or need the extra space!

Upgrade your lighting

Table lamps are a sophisticated lighting choice that is sure to spruce up your space. You can also shop for lamps at thrift stores and reinvent them with a simple coat of paint if you are looking to do this on a budget.

Use Soap Dispensers

Remove soap from its original packaging to reduce the clutter on your countertops and make the space look more polished. Decanting these soaps into pretty bottles and dispensers can help add character to your home.



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