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Fun activities for families in Santorini


Fun activities for families in Santorini

Have you planned your family vacation for Santorini -Santorini car rental-or are you planning to visit the island soon? If yes then we can suggest some great and fun activities for families in Santorini! We know that when traveling with children things can get difficult and tiring but our proposals are worth the try!

Rent a car in Santorini

When you are planning your vacation in Santorini island you will need a means of transport. of course you can move around with the public buses but given the current situation it would be better to have your own vehicle. This is why we suggest that you rent a car directly in the airport. In Santorini airport car rental, the car will be waiting for you the minute your flight is landed.

Move around the island at ease and enjoy the fun activities for families in Santorini!

Boat ride around the island

One of the most fun activities is the boat ride around the island. It will offer you an amazing experience as you will see the island from a distance. Another amazing route you can take is the one with the volcano tour where you can see the volcano of Santorini and swim in the hot springs!

Folklore Museum of Emmanouil Lignos

It is located in Kontochori which is almost 1km away from the center of Fira. A fun and educational activity for you and your family is to discover the history of Santorini. The house, which houses, remained almost untouched by the earthquake of 1956, was restored in 1973 and then began to be placed antique furniture, family heirlooms, and various other useful items.

In 1993 a museum was built to house the gallery and workshops, as well as the church of Agios Konstantinos, in memory of the owner of the property Emm. Konstantis Lignos. There is also a library with books that mainly concern the recent history of the society of Santorini as well as an old traditional winery, while one can find a representation of other professions that flourished on the island such as that of carpenter, barrel maker, shoemaker and cannery.

Outside there is the church of Agios Konstantinos with the bell tower and the festival house. The courtyard of the museum with trees, flowers and cats is suitable for the visitor to travel back in time, to a Santorini still unaffected by tourism. There is also a gallery with works by famous painters, inspired by Santorini.

Exhibits of folklore museum

While you are at the folklore museum you can see the following:

– Traditional winery, wine cellar with tanks, barrels and press.
– Representation of a traditional household with household utensils and antique furniture.
– Traditional workshops: carpenters, coopers, shoemakers and canners.
– Cave that presents elements of volcanic eruption from excavation of soil layers.
– Gallery with works by famous artists inspired by Santorini.
– Historical archives: lithographs, manuscripts and books about Santorini.
– Images from life on the island in previous years

Working hours of Folklore Museum of Lignos in Kontochori, Fira Santorini:
Daily 10:00 – 14:00
Tel: +30 22860 22792

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Museum of Minerals & Fossils

Another very interesting and unique attraction for both adults and children is the museum of minerals and fossils! The uniqueness of the soil of Santorini led the Cultural Association of Thira to create in 2006 a museum with the Collection of Minerals and Fossils in Perissa. The building is located near the church of the Holy Cross. There are minerals and fossils from Thira and the rest of Greece and abroad.

Exhibits of Mineral and Fossil Museum

Among the exhibits is an invaluable rich collection of minerals from Lavrio. Very important findings are those of olive and palm trees that come from the caldera of Santorini and date back to 50,000-60,000 years ago.

Undoubtedly, there is very rare old flora, endemic to the Mediterranean, which gives us information about the evolution of plants in the past, not only in the Aegean but throughout Europe. It is noteworthy that the oldest exhibit of the museum dates back to 1.5 billion years ago while the most recent to 50,000 years ago.

Fossils provide information about the evolution of life on the planet, and even about the evolution of the human species, which may have been lost millions of years ago but are of immense interest to mankind. All this can be seen by the visitor to the Museum of Minerals and Fossils of the Cultural Association of Thira which every year becomes a pole of attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Overview for fun family activities in Santorini

All in all, there are plenty of activities to do with your family while you are on vacation in Santorini. With these we mentioned above, we hope that you will have a great time, teach and bond with your kids!

Do not forget that renting a car will make your vacation easy and comfortable. No more waiting at the bus stop or missing the bus to the beach or your booked tour! Visit and find the package that suits you best! Enjoy your vacation in Santorini!

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15 Tips for Renting a Car in Santorini


Santorini is house to impressive sunsets, blue-domed churches and essential Greek communities and towns as well as rent a car Santorini is among the best methods to see as high as possible. We very recommend Santorini rent a car to have the flexibility to check out at your own pace and also uncover whatever the island has to supply. We discovered driving secure and very easy and we very suggest Santorini cars. Below are our pointers for renting a car in Santorini to help you on your journey!

Tips to Rent a Car in Santorini

On the whole, we discovered driving in Santorini is very easy as well as practical. We ran into decent, albeit slim, roads and also a mainly high criterion of driving.

Why Rent a Car in Santorini?

Santorini is sensational and also there are gorgeous views populated around the island. Most visitors to Santorini hire either a car, a quad bike/ATV or a scooter to navigate. Public transportation is an option yet the buses are typically really crowded. Most buses route with Fira making journeys across the island troublesome. We opted for a car as, although the ATVs as well as scooters looked fun, we liked the security of a car amongst hefty Santorini traffic.

We liked having a car rental Santorini to explore. It enabled us to travel at our own speed, see off the beaten track sights and also typically make the most of our time in Santorini.

Santorini rent a car makes it possible to check out spots like Akrotiri’s Red Beach

1. Booking your rental car Santorini

Rent a car at Santorini port can be fairly cheap. Ensure to look around and also book your rental auto in advance for the best price and also to protect schedule in peak period.

We’re substantial followers of journey as well as have actually driven rental cars in over 40 countries so we have a lot of experience leasing cars in foreign nations. We advise making use of to reserve your car. They have the very best option as well as prices that we’ve located. Visit their website to book now!

The largest advantage of having a rental car in Santorini is that you can go to the off the beaten track views. It also minimizes the cost of airport terminal transfers as well as opens lots of accommodation alternatives.

2. Choosing a rental car

In Santorini, the smaller sized the car the much better. There are great deals of winding roads on the island as well as it’s less complicated to press right into limited car parking spots. We discovered life less complicated with a smaller sized car!

3. Visitors getting there by ferryboat

Site visitors showing up by ferryboat might wish to think about rent a car Santorini airport terminal. We choose renting from among the bigger car rental companies but the selections can be restricted at the ferryboat port and also queues can be long. It’s also less complicated to book an automatic beforehand at the airport terminal grab.

It is a 20 minute taxi ride from the port to the airport.

4. Renting out Eligibility

A lot of rental business call for drivers to be at the very least 21 and to have actually held their certificate for more than one year. Some companies impose a surcharge for tenants matured under 25.

5. International Driving Licence

Greek law calls for that permit owners from a number of countries provide an International Driving Licence in addition to their driving licence.

We recognize that tenants with permits from the list below countries do not need an International Driving Licence however guarantee you examine the most recent rules before travel.

6. Drive on the right-hand side of the road

Driving is on the right-hand side of the roadway in Santorini, similar to the majority of Europe and the USA,

7. Standard of roads

The significant roads are generally in a sensible condition. The smaller roads commonly had craters and were a bumpy ride. The Santorini roads are typically peaceful outside of the communities

8. Sim card

We recommend buying a SIM card with data when you show up in Greece. We always find having mobile information indispensable as well as incredibly beneficial for browsing in the rental cars and truck. It additionally suggested that we can look into locations to see when we were on the road.

There is a shop which sells sim cards in the arrivals hall of Santorini Airport.

Car hire Santorini tip: if you have a data bundle from one more European nation you may be able to utilize this data in Santorini. For instance, we utilized our Three UK data bundle in Santorini.

9. Car Parking

There is lots of complimentary auto parking in Santorini. There are car park in the majority of the communities and villages as well as it’s usually feasible to press into an area. It’s also acceptable to park on the street so long as you do not block the road: just stay with areas where others are parked if you’re uncertain!

Renting a car in Santorini suggestion: We stayed in Oia, among one of the most popular communities in Santorini, and also managed to locate a parking space whenever we returned.

Vehicle parking is normally conveniently offered however it can be a tight squeeze in Oia

10. Driving style

With a mix of Santorini cars, buses, pedestrians, ATVs and also scooters, island driving is absolutely interesting in Santorini! Citizens understand the roads well as well as will likely surpass services as well as pass in riskier places.

Take care passing the other roadway customers in Santorini!

11. Website traffic

Traffic in the towns is typically gridlocked and requires a lot of perseverance. The most awful traffic is normally Oia at sunset as well as around the port when ships and also ferryboats are arriving as well as departing. Consequently, ensure to leave lots of time if taking a trip to Oia at sunset or if you are capturing a boat off the island.

Viewing the sunset in Oia is just one of one of the most preferred activities in Santorini as well as website traffic can be gridlock before as well as after!

12. Fuel

Gas is costly in Santorini but, given the island is reasonably little, it’s unlikely you will invest much filling up. There are great deals of contemporary garages and also many accept charge card.

13. Navigation

Google Maps worked fine as well as the application navigated us well throughout our time in Santorini. We made use of Google Maps to navigate to the black sand Perissa Beach

14. Safety seat for children and youngsters

We generally travel with our very own child seat. It is additionally feasible to reserve these with the car rental firm. The rules state:

  • Kids under 135cm and also aged between 3 as well as 11 must use a proper child restraint,
  • Youngsters under 3 must use an appropriate youngster restraint.
  • The air bag has to be deactivated if placing a rear-facing baby in the front passenger seat.

15. Taking a Santorini car to other islands

The majority of car rental Santorini do not allow the rental car to be taken outside of Santorini.

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