The past couple of years saw many changes and introductions in the SEO community. Hopefully, these changes will keep coming to make the community a better place.

Search engines will continue to focus on reducing spam, low quality websites and duplicate content in search results. This will include newer ways of end users to give feedback and specific details about the kind of spam they are encountered with.

An important part of good ranking has been positive reviews and ratings. This will continue to be so with particular focus in local search. Interaction with search engine results will continue to increase. As a result users will make more informed decisions before they click on a certain site and they will be more engaged with the sites they visit.

Furthermore, due to availability of technology to detect location of the end user, results become more personalized. Having access to your previous search history and other information you gather from friends and sources (social media) also leads to more personalized search results. The emphasis exists on optimizing digital marketing channels and this gives rise to using Internet Marketing Optimization (IMO) as a crucial business strategy.

By focusing on bounce and click through rates, companies are able to increase emphasis on landing pages by incorporating usability, design and social media within the service of search engine optimization. Click through rate optimization is done particularly by focusing on factoring titles and descriptions. Moreover, the optimization of conversion rate allows more focus on converting SEO traffic.

The new HTML browser will influence website design. User experience can be enhanced along with increasing the understanding of search engines. With more search engine companies and social search engines entering the market from all over the world, SEO will face increased competition. As the use of internet penetrates further into parts of Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East, the search market will experience dramatic growth.

Along with the several opportunities to increase online search presence, come a whole lot of risks and issues that need consideration. The SEO environment is becoming very complex due to the increased variables used in algorithms, increased spam updated and the fact that each individual’s search is incorporated with many other online marketing strategies.