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How to combine gourmet cheese


Do you have a night out with friends and want to serve wine and cheese? Do you have an opening and want to keep the food simple? The answer is to combine gourmet cheeses with various side dishes to create the perfect cheese dish to eat with a glass of wine. Whether it is a cheese platter at a big cocktail party, or composing a series of cheeses for a dinner with your friends, there is a plethora of wonderful cheese accompaniments. Besides, cheese production is huge and you will definitely find something that you would prefer.

What to combine with handmade cheese

If you serve handmade cheese, skip the ready-made crackers and look for a recipe to make your own. You can make simple crackers or gourmet crackers, as these go well with unique cheeses and look beautiful, but there are also more elegant options. They will go well with both the cheese and what you serve with it and the overall taste experience will be much more satisfying. And do not be ashamed to take advice from your cheese-maker in a specialty store.

Even if you are not sure you want to follow this path, it is an idea that will help you make the best choice for what you are looking for in terms of taste and visual presentation for the wine and cheese party.

The goal of combining gourmet cheeses with side dishes is to offer different flavors throughout the night. This means that anything too strong could spoil the taste. To avoid this, simply choose side dishes as the cheese is the star of the show. While there are crackers and chips that stand out, they should be served with cheeses with a mild taste and texture.

Snacks that match cheese

The handmade chips can be served with ointments and olives such as Kalamon, along with cheeses with a mild taste. Breads such as baguette, multigrain and rye as well combine well with a richer cheese. Cheese straws from a quality cheese production go well on their own at a cocktail party or appear between me with dips.

Dried fruits, for example apricots or figs and wild cherries or berries, such as blueberries are also a good and special choice. Combine them with yellow cheese and wrap them in prosciutto or other cold cuts such as ham and the like. Serve the cheese on top of dried fruit for an appetizer. Add nuts such as almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and you have the crunchy, sweet and cream cheese for every demanding palate.

Fresh seasonal fruits go well with cheese, but only if the flavors can be balanced. Fruits such as figs, grapes, peaches and berries go well with milk and cream cheese. Combine hard and semi-hard cheeses for apples, melons and pears.

Sauces and jams are a key factor in wine and cheese parties. Make sure you have chutney, mustard, fruit compotes and jams. You can also look for quince paste and thyme honey.

Smoked oysters with cheese

Seafood is usually not the first thing on your mind when it comes to cheese accompaniment, but smoked oysters are an exception. Their “suffocating“, smoky taste goes well with older cheddar and Swiss cheese, explains IDK Kateris. It is good to be careful when it comes to fresher seafood, as the flavors can be excessive.

Cod does not mix well with cheeses. It’s nice to have something a little more backbone when you combine it with cheese. That said, a dish with fresh anchovies marinated in vinegar, with slices of pecorino or parmesan is a great choice to impress your guests. Canned fish can really work very well if you are ready to relax with different flavors.

Corn with cheese

Corn on the cob may not seem like the right accompaniment to a cheese, but feta loves sweetness like that of having a fresh corn. Often next to cheese plates there is hot cornbread on the sweetest side, of any texture, dense or airy – with pieces of feta cheese as a meal.

Chocolate with cheese

If you already want to add a few squares of chocolate to your cheese platter, do it. Do you know how amazing the combination of sweet and savory can be, especially when it comes to cheese? On the contrary, it is not very good to over-consume this sweet snack.

The nice thing about a cheese platter, other than the fact that it has cheese, is that there is no right way to combine it. If you are not sure that the accompaniment you choose matches the Gruyere, it may be the perfect match for the brie. If not, your guests will not even notice it because you are too busy to eat cheese with green apple slices.

For each combination, think about whether you want to match or play with the flavors and textures of the cheese. Cheese and crackers are a combination that will never die, but sometimes it’s nice to change things. Instead, combine your favorite cheese from your favorite cheese production with something fresher, sweeter or saltier.

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